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Hi, I’m Carol!

I love to create and turn your dreams into reality. Design and writing is my passion, I enjoy learning and sharing my expertise with other entrepreneurs and creatives. I began my career in marketing as a small business owner of a lifestyle brand, Free Bxtch Island. After I graduated from Sacramento State with a bachelor's degree in Communications, I pursued a career as a Creative Manager at a small creative agency in Sacramento.

After five years of living agency life, I’ve decided to pursue my freelance career. I am excited to work and share my expertise in design with you!


“My ultimate goal is to do great work and love what I do.”

I enjoy research, I love being creative, and I love to write. I began designing when I was about 13 years old. My passion for design started with Expages, developed to Geocities and then I began setting up my own servers and designed layouts in Adobe Photoshop, coded my sites when Greymatter was the only blogging platform we knew of.

Before I began my career in creative it was just a hobby, until I discovered the things I was passionate could actually be my 9 to 5. After graduating from Sacramento High, I decided to follow the things I was passionate about, thanks to my obsession with Steve Jobs. This fire in me led me to becoming Creative Manager at a creative small agency in Midtown Sacramento.

In this role I learned how to manage social media accounts, create graphics, develop websites, and gained expertise in project management. At this agency, I was able to build a creative department and create new streams of revenue within the agency by overseeing and refining the creative process that was once non-existent.

After five years of working for an agency, I decided to continue to follow my heart and pursue my career as a freelance creative and consultant. I hope to work with brands and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their brand and bring their vision to life. Whatever your budget, if you’re passionate your business, I can help you make it happen.



I have the ability to utilize my expertise to craft your brand in the most financially effective, visually pleasing way possible. I’ll be critical, honest, and assist you with bringing your vision to life. I am available for design, business, or social media consulting.


Graphic & Web Design

My experience in graphic and web design spans 10 years, 5 of which were spent as a designer for a well-respected agency. I create attractive designs that embody the unique voice of your brand.


Social Media

I have over 5 years of experience in social media management in a diverse range of industries. I am well-versed in developing effective social media advertisements, producing engaging copy writing, and curating distinct content. 


Ready to make your

vision a reality?