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The Golden Bear Website Redesign

The Golden Bear wanted a redesign for their website that was modern, responsive and matched the re-design of their menu by Yellow Brick Group. Their previous site did not represent the current aesthetic in the restaurant, so they wanted to pay homage to their famous A-line board that had witty sayings and to the fact that they had weekly music at the bar. They emphasized the want for a spinning record on the website, since their menu was a record cover.

For the menus I was inspired by Island Creek Oyster Bar’s menu. I loved how easy you could navigate between menus, so I came up with the following design using Adobe XD.


After completing the design of this website, it was deployed off to development by Dead Head Media. The end result was exactly what I envisioned for this website. The A-line board became something that could be easily changed and the request of including a moving record was included on the footer. This website was one of my favorite web design projects!